The Selyo Story

Let's be fair, paper loyalty cards can be a bit of hit and miss. And custom digital loyalty card systems are expensive and, well, just a bit full on.

So, what are the options for a small business looking to make the move online?

The idea for Selyo arose when one day, we just got fed up with losing the loyalty cards we had for local coffee shops and retailers.

We wanted to do our bit and support local independents, but the paper-based loyalty system just wasn't working for us. Cards would be prone to wear and tear or we'd lose them, only to have to start a new card all over again.

Of course, it wasn't just us who were frustrated. Local retailers *wanted* to go digital with their loyalty cards, especially with the majority of payments now happening online or via their phone, but they couldn't justify the upfront costs and maintenance of using expensive systems which were a bit too grand for what they needed.

Selyo was born from the idea that retailers shouldn't miss out on digital loyalty apps, and with it, potential sales.

Our team of developers, based in Cardiff, came up with the idea of a shared loyalty card system. This approach means retailers can run their loyalty scheme as they wish using technology that requires lengthy implementation and upfront costs.

Today, we are a leading provider of digital loyalty cards who are passionate about coming up with new ways to help independent retailers and their customers. Learn more about how our client, Mizzi's, uses Selyo to drive repeat visits and generate loyalty.

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