How to launch a digital loyalty app scheme for your beauty salon

How to launch a digital loyalty app scheme for your beauty business.

You may be exploring different marketing ideas to encourage customers back and reward the ones who stayed with you.

A digital loyalty app is a great way to start. (We're not just saying it, honest.)

Launching a digital loyalty programme - or rather taking your paper-based loyalty stamps and bringing it online - is really simple. It's also needed considering the number of your customers who are likely to pay through their phones.

Why consider a loyalty scheme?

Put simply, paper-based loyalty cards or stamps are prone to getting lost. Think about the number of loyalty cards you have in your purse or wallet.

Then think about the number of them that you've lost, or you've washed by mistake. Everything we do now is online - so why wouldn't your loyalty scheme NOT be?

It's a really easy product to get up and running.

In many cases, including Selyo, all you need to do is set up an online account, create your loyalty card design and ask your customer to scan the QR code.

From your customers' perspective, they'll need to download the app from the app store - just like you would have done to get Deliveroo, Uber or Spotify - and every time they spend with you - you'll just scan their app.

But of course there are other ways to collect your customers' data and load it on their app, such as:

  • Online system based on QR Code
  • Offline system based on paper coupons
  • Electronic vouchers (Surcharge Cards/Multi-payment Cards)
  • Card based system (Barcode scanning)
  • Barcode based system (Barcode reader)
  • Mobile application for mobile phone (Android/iOS)

Ways our beauty customers use digital loyalty apps:

You can look at your account and see how your customers' behaviour changes - depending on the time of day they make their purchases.

From this - and your personal experience - you'll start to see when there are quiet times. You can use this to promote a sale or giveaway to entice people to come and book an appointment.

If your customers book online, when they've paid - upon receipt you can reward them with a loyalty stamp, which means they are rewarded if you forget to ask to see their app.

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