Vouchers with Selyo


Vouchers are an important marketing tool for businesses, which is why in our effort to support your business Selyo is bringing vouchers to the app.

So why use vouchers?

  • Introduce a new product or service:
    It's estimated that 60% of consumers are willing to try a new product as a result of a voucher. While offering a discount or a freebie on a new product can be a small hit, the repeat custom far outweighs the initial outlay. If you are a cafe who wants to push a new cake or a beautician who is looking to push a treatment then sending a voucher to your customers is a great way to go.
  • Fill quiet times or even out your customer flow:
    If your business is typically quiet on a Thursday afternoon then why not attract you customer to that time? By offering a voucher that is only valid on Thursday afternoon you can move some of your customers into that slot.
  • Give customers a sense of value.
    You value your customers and rewarding them for their loyalty not only makes your customers feel good but also turns them into brand ambassadors for you and can increase your customer base.
These are just a few of the reasons why your business should be using vouchers.

How does it work?

With Selyo there are no additional costs such as printing or managing vouchers it is just built in. A Selyo account owner can simply login to the dashboard and create a new voucher. You can choose to send a voucher to all your current customers, customers that have used their loyalty card in the past few months or even customers that have not used their card in the past few months (number of months decided by you). As the retailer you describe your terms and your offer, choose an expiration date and hit the send button. Vouchers will then be sent to your customers app. When you scan their card in the future you can choose if the customer is redeeming a voucher and we will present you and your staff with a list of the vouchers the customer has. You just tap to select the voucher being used and we record the use of that voucher and remove it from the customer.

How often can vouchers be sent

To prevent spamming end customers with voucher the number that can be sent is limited to about 1 a month. All our active retailers were issues 2 credits when we introduced vouchers. After that retailers get an additional credit ever billing period. Retailers that pay annually have been issues with 12 credits up front. You can choose to use all your credits now or spread them out. The maximum number of credits on an account is 12.

There is more to come.

This is just the start of our voucher journey. We will be bringing you more voucher related features over the next year.