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Selyo enables you to move your loyalty card from paper to cloud.

Gain business insights not available to companies who operate a card and stamp loyalty system. Offer your customers more without any more effort.


Keep in touch

With Selyo Loyalty Card you can keep in touch with customers based on when they last made a purchase or redeemed a card. Would you like to send an offer to a group of customers. With Selyo you can.

Easy Administration

Design it your way

Your loyalty card, your design. Use your existing design or create something new. Easy switch between physical cards and Selyo.

Detailed Stats

With Selyo you can quickly access stats such that you can use to grow your business. Know the number of cards you have, stamps you have issued and number of full cards that are out there.

Staff included

Allow your staff members to issue stamps, it's quick and easy to add and remove staff members, they just need the Selyo app.

Mobile Optimized

Selyo works on both iOS & Android for both your customers and your staff.
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