App Update Auguest 2022

Our development team have been working hard for the last few months to update the app. Catch up with the changes ands features for your loyalty card app.

How Digital Loyalty Apps Keep Customers Happy

Loyalty programs are a great way to keep customers coming back. They offer incentives for purchases and promotions, which can increase customer traffic and encourage repeat visits. While there are many loyalty programs out there, they often require time and effort to maintain

How to launch a digital loyalty app scheme for your beauty business

Launching a digital loyalty programme - or rather taking your paper-based loyalty stamps and bringing it online - is really simple. It's also needed considering the number of your customers who are likely to pay through their phones.

Helping independents to build customer loyalty with Selyo: an Interview with coffee and lunch bar - Mizzi

Mizzi is an independent coffee, breakfast and lunch bar, based in Cardiff Bay. It is owned and run by Madeleine and Mick, who have been serving customers since 2018. We caught up with Madeleine to learn more about why Mizzi is so popular with the locals, and what they do to build loyalty with their growing customer base.