Selyo digital loyalty card App update

The Selyo app has been updated and several enhancements and new features have been added.

A number of minor bugs have been addressed but here are the headline changes

User Interface

The whole user interface has been revamped to give the app a more neutral feel which in turn should allow your brand to stand out a lot more. This does mean that the experimental feature that enabled you to change the background colour of the app has been removed. The reasoning behind this is that the data showed that the majority of users who set a background colour away from the Selyo Blue choose a grey colour which is now the default anyway.

Scan Interface

The scan interface has also been changed to match the new colour scheme. We have also changed the menu into a new style which will allow us to drop in new features more easily.

Multi Stamps

One of the biggest new features is the ability for stores to switch to a “Multi Stamp” mode. Multi stamps are when you issue different stamps for different products or services on the same card.

A few examples:

  • A café may offer buy 8 coffees and get the free and buy 10 sandwiches get one free
  • or a beautician may reward customers for nail treatment and waxing treatments separately.

Physical Cards

On the odd occasion you have a customer that is unable to use the app or does not have a smartphone then you can now request from support some cards that you can print and issue to your customers. The cards can have your design and can be supplied to you either as PDF for you to print and issue or in a format that can be printed commercially.